You have to get your tooth treated? Select public clinic

In our country when only we own a decent medical insurance, we may get cured with no payment. The same is with dental treatment in Poland. When you are a person with full-time employment or perhaps you are a student or elderly, you can go to whatever medical you require totally free of charge. But when you don't have any prerogatives this kind, in all the situations that aren't dangerous for your live, you need to pay for each visit.

If you are owning a medical insurance, you could have a dental treatment - wróć - in Poland free of charges- (website). To have one, you need to be employed on full-time employment, be very old or very young person, or a student. Since several years, you do not have to bring any insurance ID with you, that proofing your rights for free cure, you only need to have any paper with your picture and pesel number. You are able to get your plaque removal or get your regular examination and various others. If you wish to get any fancy, modern filling inside your teeth, you must to pay additional for it.But If you want to get a visit to the specialist, every now and then you must to wait for some weeks for that, cause any expert is very packed. But don't be scared, because in situation of emergency you may be treated beside the queue.

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Different option, payable, is private clinic, depend on where you are living, you could pay for one treatment from 100 to 600 zl. There are plenty of clinics like that, so better choose some location next to you. When you need to get an appointment, perhaps your dentist will be ready to examine you another day. You will need to pay for each procedure, from common examination with x-ray to the flaws removal, implantation, and filling inside your teeth. If you have any opportunity to visit some small village, like your parents are staying in there, you may get appointment there, it should be twice times cheaper. And do not be surprise, when you decide to change your private clinic on public one, and you notice the same doctors - they are working in both places to earn a lot of money.

When you only have an opportunity to have dental treatment in Poland for free, try it- you can see here. For sure, you could think that private doctor is much more nicer, because you need to pay a lot of money for it. Yes, sometimes they own better devices, but that is all. In each of the payable hospitals are laboring regular doctors, which you could met in public clinic.
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